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I present to you, the last automotive rotisserie you'll ever need. Designed for ease of use and the ability to hold just about any vehicle shell, cab, or truck bed you can throw at it. This tool was built strong and designed to last so  it will benefit you for many projects to come. As someone who uses this tool themselves, I wanted to make sure it had all the right things to benefit the end user. Things like:

  • 8 ton pneumatic operated jacks to simplify raising the rotisserie up with just the push of a button.

  • 6 polyurethane swivel casters mounted to the bases allow for smooth rolling, rated for a massive 6500 pounds combined.

  • Fully welded frames with lots of gusseting for strength and a low profile design which allows for use in even most garages!

  • All pieces clamp together with the use of strong 3/4" grade 8 hardware.

  • Acme thread balance adjustment on needle bearings makes raising and lowering to find center balance MUCH easier.

  • Unique design utilizing a mid section with rolling caster wheels mounted at the center of the rotisserie to help support the load.

  • Slide brackets that allow for easier mounting. Simply slide your attachment in and clamp it down to mount to your vehicle.


This rotisserie breaks down nicely and comes with all of the additional metal sections, casters, jacks, hardware, air hose kit, and even a tube of grease for your new tool! Painted for an additional cost


The only thing you as the owner and operator will need, are the mounting brackets/ attachments for your specific vehicle shell, which will be used to attach your vehicle shell to the rotisserie. The kit provides 4 mounting arms (2” square tubing x 24”) to be utilized for attaching to the rotisserie.


This rotisserie has a broad range of length adjustments allowing for a max vehicle shell length of roughly 15 ½ feet and a max width/ height of 7 feet, which covers just about everything. See specifications for more info.


With a max weight rating of 3000 pounds (1500 pounds on each side), you’ll be covered for just about any vehicle shell you could throw at it. This rotisserie was pushed during testing and lifted roughly 5,000 pounds without any issues raising or lowering. This was designed to be "overkill" to make operation with just the weight of a vehicle shell mounted to it very smooth and easy. 



Potter's Rotisserie

$3,250.00 Regular Price
$3,000.00Sale Price
  • This item (complete rotisserie) is only available for local pickup in Bakersfield, Ca. If you are close to Bakersfield but can not pickup, a drop off price may be negotiated.


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