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This kit comes with all of the parts you will need (besides the casters and jacks) to help build and assemble your own Potter's Rotisserie, as well as reduce the amount of material to buy on your own. This kit is designed to ease the process of hunting down all of the hardware and parts required and also saves you a ton of fabrication work. Provided in the kit is a full Caster and Gusset set that is laser cut for precision. It also comes with already built Balance Adjustment Assemblies. If you just purchased the Potter's Rotisserie Blueprint and are ready to build your own, this is the kit for you.


DIY Potter's Rotisserie Kit

$750.00 Regular Price
$675.00Sale Price
  • 1- Air Host Kit

    2- Balance Adjustment Assemblies (bolt and weld on)

    Laser Cut Caster Plate and Gusset Kit

    Caster Hardware (Grade 5)

    All Misc Hardware (Grade 8)

    Clamping Hardware (weld on)(Grade 8)

    Handle Bars (weld on)

    10- 1/4"-28 Grease Fittings

    1- Tube of EP Lithium Grease

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