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This is a complete Balance Adjustment Assembly set and comes with everything you need to replace a broken/old one or use with your DIY build. This is the part that allows you to raise and lower to find center balance on your vehicle shell that is mounted to the rotisserie. This assembly is included in the DIY Potter's Rotisserie Kit and the complete rotisserie as well. The balance adjustment assembly comes as a set (2 setups) one for each end of the rotisserie and with hardware, as well as the nut/ bushing that welds onto the T Bar Mount.

Balance Adjustment Assembly Set

$300.00 Regular Price
$270.00Sale Price
  • This Balance Adjustment Assembly is made of strong quality steel. It is comprised of 3/4" ACME thread for making height/ balance adjustments, with the help of needle roller bearings for smooth and easy adjustments. This assembly bolts onto the top of the T Bar with a 7/8" grade 8 bolt. 

    This set also comes with the nut/ bushing that welds onto the T Bar Mount for the ACME althread to thread into as well.

  • This item ships UPS ground. FREE SHIPPING within the US. Additional fee for shipping outside of the US.

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